Posted by Diane Immonen
The food bank yesterday was a major success! We served 100 families!! We had an incredible amount of volunteers, for set up, there were about 40 gentlemen from the Babes of 1916 Solon Softball team (they stated they will attend future food bank set ups). Solon celebs assisting were: Masroor (Directing) and family, Mayor Kraus, councilman Jeremy Zelwin, 4 Firefighters with their truck, Patrolman Bruce Felton,,  Bob Wilson and family, Bridget, Adam Zelwin, Zelwin children,  Irina and family. Also, assisting were volunteers from all the churches, Senior Center,  the company Loan Protectors and their families,  and my friends and husband. I know I am probably forgetting other Rotary volunteers. Thank you all!
Of course, everyone missed Jim Hyde. The bag ladies (the women who open the plastic bags) were very concerned about Jim's whereabouts. But, they were relieved that I brought the bags early to the food bank. They normally complain to Jim that they have been waiting for the bags, this is extremely cute, because the bag ladies are all in their 90's.
Great job Solon Rotary!! Service Above Self!
Happy Thanksgiving,
Diane M. Immonen